Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gambling Online again

Currently playing the Goldbeard slot machine at BoDog. (Pirates!)

I was in Las Vegas last weekend and had a great time! I played almost everywhere on the strip and I was even in one casino where that I don't know where the hell I was, and I still don't know what casino is was! Of course, I had been drinking a good amount by then, but I was still having a great time.

I ended up staying at Bally's there, which is a good casino for the location but a terrible casino for the rooms. I think Bally's is probably one of the oldest casinos on the strip, but it's right in the heart of it all, so you really can't go wrong staying there.

So overall, I lost on the weekend... When I first got there I went up about $1,000 on roulette, and then just kinda gave it back over the course of the weekend plus a little more. I was running real cold on 3 card poker, I was down a little on slots, up on roulette, around even playing Pia Gow, and I think I dropped about $100 on the Wheel of Fortune (when I was wasted of course)... I also lost my bet on the Kentucky Derby.

It was fun though... anytime I came back from Vegas with more than I plan on coming back with, it's all good by me.

After all, I still have some good money to gambling online with...

I forgot to mention that I won $150 in the slots in the airport on the way out... That was funny.

Okay. I think I'm going to move off the slot and onto some cheap 3 card poker online at BoDog.

Talk to you all later. Good Luck!