Friday, June 6, 2008

Gambling online again...

That's right, I'm playing some slots machine, watching a TIVOes episode of the Dog Whisper, and blogging all at the same time. How about them apples.

The Lakers lost for me last night, but I made it up playing blackjack. Yes, really I was up probably around double my Lakers bet, but dropped down a little and quit the table up the amount I lost on the Lakers. Just call me Even Steven :O)

What the hell happened in the stock market today? The Dow lost almost 400 points? That is crazy. I should start betting on that. short the S&P 500 or something...

Cesar Milan is the man. The Dog Whisperer is great. The beginnings always crack me up too. At the beginning of every case, it shows Cesar coming to some dog owners rescue, getting the call and driving immediately over to save their demented dog. It like "Look up the road. Who's that little Mexican man coming to save us? Is that Cesar Milan? Yes it is! Thank god!"

Anyway, I do like and watch the show. Remember it's exercise, discipline and then affection.

Well, I have too much going on and really feel like taking this slot for some money, so I'm going to go. Good Night and Good Luck.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I bet the Lakers tonight

Yeah, I put some money on the Lakers tonight at BoDog. No a ton of it, but enough to make the game more fun.

I find that I can't really watch basketball without some money on it. I mean, I like the game itself, but it's a lot on exciting to have a few dollars on it. No matter how much you bet, just the thrill of winning or losing makes me have a better time.

BoDog is also offering live betting on the game, which could be a little much for me. Live betting means that you can bet on the game while the teams are playing. This means that you don;t have to wait until half time to place a bet on a game you are watching, you can be betting on the game right while you're watching it.

I don't so this, but say that I didn't bet the game earlier, was flipping channels and saw that the game was on. I would be able to turn on my computer and bet the game right now, so that I could have a little action on it and make it more fun... But as I said, I'm already on the Lakers with enough action for tonight...

After all this series could go to 7. I could still have 6 more games to bet :O)