Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Saturday night, and I'm up $600!

Yeah, gambling online again at BoDog. I went up about $500 on their video poker game called Bonus Poker earlier... Now I'm playing Caribbean Stud Poker, but only for $1 bets. I am playing the progressive which is another dollar, so I'm betting $2 dollars a hand, but I'm up about $100.

Betting on the progressive circle gives you better payouts on your higher hands, and I think you should always play this. This is how I'm up $100. I had a full house, which pays $100 on the progressive and other odds on the normal bet. I'm not sure how all the odds work, but I won $116 on this one hand betting just $2. Not bad.

The progressive is also what pays you really big when you hit a straight flush or royal straight flush. The total pot is over $155,000, so you would win around $15,000 for a straight flush and the whole $155,000 for a royal straight flush.

Those are great pay outs and better than most casinos. I know someone who hit a royal straight flush in Atlantic City paying at a $5 table with a dollar on the progressive. He won $35,000 which is a lot of money, but nothing compared to BoDog. Here he would have won $155,000 and could have only been playing $2 per hand instead of $6.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to the game. If you want to check out BoDog's Caribbean Stud Poker, just click THIS LINK to go to the BoDog online casino. Good Luck!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gambling Online again...

what a great hobby. I love it!

I can play slots and blackjack without ever leaving my house... gotta love it.

I put pop tarts in whores asses singing Bruce and they love it