Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Saturday night, and I'm up $600!

Yeah, gambling online again at BoDog. I went up about $500 on their video poker game called Bonus Poker earlier... Now I'm playing Caribbean Stud Poker, but only for $1 bets. I am playing the progressive which is another dollar, so I'm betting $2 dollars a hand, but I'm up about $100.

Betting on the progressive circle gives you better payouts on your higher hands, and I think you should always play this. This is how I'm up $100. I had a full house, which pays $100 on the progressive and other odds on the normal bet. I'm not sure how all the odds work, but I won $116 on this one hand betting just $2. Not bad.

The progressive is also what pays you really big when you hit a straight flush or royal straight flush. The total pot is over $155,000, so you would win around $15,000 for a straight flush and the whole $155,000 for a royal straight flush.

Those are great pay outs and better than most casinos. I know someone who hit a royal straight flush in Atlantic City paying at a $5 table with a dollar on the progressive. He won $35,000 which is a lot of money, but nothing compared to BoDog. Here he would have won $155,000 and could have only been playing $2 per hand instead of $6.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to the game. If you want to check out BoDog's Caribbean Stud Poker, just click THIS LINK to go to the BoDog online casino. Good Luck!