Thursday, June 5, 2008

I bet the Lakers tonight

Yeah, I put some money on the Lakers tonight at BoDog. No a ton of it, but enough to make the game more fun.

I find that I can't really watch basketball without some money on it. I mean, I like the game itself, but it's a lot on exciting to have a few dollars on it. No matter how much you bet, just the thrill of winning or losing makes me have a better time.

BoDog is also offering live betting on the game, which could be a little much for me. Live betting means that you can bet on the game while the teams are playing. This means that you don;t have to wait until half time to place a bet on a game you are watching, you can be betting on the game right while you're watching it.

I don't so this, but say that I didn't bet the game earlier, was flipping channels and saw that the game was on. I would be able to turn on my computer and bet the game right now, so that I could have a little action on it and make it more fun... But as I said, I'm already on the Lakers with enough action for tonight...

After all this series could go to 7. I could still have 6 more games to bet :O)