Monday, May 26, 2008

Just back from St Martin!

What a great long weekend. St Martin is beautiful. The beaches are great, the food is delicious, the women are topless and the casinos are cheap and everywhere on the Dutch side.

Sooo. How did I do? Well, not to well. I made the final table in a small poker tournament, but didn't come in the money. I won a little at roulette, but lost bad at three card and the slots... lost a little with blackjack too... I didn't even bet any sports there, which I was planning to do, but didn't.

I also didn't play Robbie's Lottery. If you have ever been to St Martin, you would know that Robbie's Lottery shacks are everywhere on this island. I don't know who Robbie is, but he must have some good money and be a real player on the island...

Anyway, I'm about to play some low limit blackjack at BoDog. See ya later!