Sunday, April 27, 2008

Now playing Slots Online

Okay, so I just got up from playing European Roulette at BoDog, and now I'm playing their feature slot machine, Diry Martini. (To find it, just go to the site, and look through the list of Slots they have in their casino section.) It is fun!

It's a 20 line slot machine, where you can bet anywhere from 1 penny to $5 a line. I'm currently playing 5 cents at 20 lines, so it's a dollar a spin. Right now, I'm down about $7, but I haven't been playing long and haven't hit a bonus yet. I'm think I'll play until a hit a bonus, and then come back to tell you about it. It's now 1:16 pm.

It was 1:20 pm and I was down $9 when I hit the Bodog bonus which is:
- 15 free games are awarded when 3 or more Bodog Scatter Coins appear anywhere.
- During the feature all prizes are tripled.
- 15 additional free games are won if 3 or more scattered Bodog Scattered Coins occur in a free game.

I won a single bonus of 15 spins and about $48 from that. I wish I was betting a little more, but I'm now up $39. Not bad for playing for about 10 minutes and writing at the same time.

If your interested in playing the Dirty Martini slot, go to BoDog and check it out. I think you even play for free.

Have fun!