Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Baccarat, poker, roulette and a bachelorette party

If that title doesn't sell you, I don't know what will :O)

Anyway, like I said in the last post I was learning to play baccarat, and I think I did a good job... I finally made it to Vegas this last weekend with a friend. We drove out, made record time through the dessert, and by the time we hit the strip, we were ready for action.

We started out at a Mirage poker table playing low steaks more for the free drinks than the action. We had about five drinks each at the table, and whole time we were raising like maniacs. I won a few huge pots. (Huge pots at 2-4, kinda funny).

Well, I caught a nice buzz and decide to leave my friend at the tables and take a walk over to the baccarat tables. On the way I got a little turned around and ended up at the bar outside Jet doing shots with a sexy bachelorette party from Texas.

There was plenty of room to grab a girl or two for me and my friend, the only problem was that it was still way to early and who wants to go to a club in Vegas when there are so many tables... Anyway, I got one of girls cell number and room number and made plans to "maybe" meet up after the club, but more likely for drinks the next day.

Now to the Baccarat... Remember, I just learned this game, have only played a little on BoDog and this is my first time playing in a real casino...

So I walk up to the table and change in $500. I'm not really sure what happened as it happened so fast, but with a nice buzz on, I was able to take that $500 and turn it into $800 in about 15 minutes... Being a little drunk and still a little confused about the game, I decided to take my profits and run right over to the roulette table were I gave back the $300 in profit and another $100 in about the same amount of time...

This story could go on forever as I walked around the casino throwing money at this table and that table, but a quick lesson is that I am really good at baccarat and should have never walked away... Also, when you get a girl's phone number at a hotel bar in Vegas, you will probably never see her again...