Monday, April 14, 2008

This blog is sooo old

But I only have something like 10 posts. I've had this blog for years, but the older version got deleted. I then re-started this site last year, but my heart wasn't really in it... I'm kinda getting back into this now. After all it gives me something to when I'm gambling online. Of course, I'll probably only write 2 more posts and then forget about this blog for another year... but hey, I'm here now :O)

And I'm playing a 1 cent, 20 line Cleopatra's Gold slot machine at BoDog (of course). BoDog is by far my favorite site. I write about it a lot here (and link to) because it's the site I play at so often. I used to hop around and play at all different online casinos, but I've gotten burned before. There is no worse feeling than winning at an online casino, and then have them refuse to play you. Trust me it sucks. Anyway, you get ripped off this one or two times, and you learn to play only at a casino that you can trust. And that's what I do.

Anyway, Paradise Hotel 2 just came on, and I actually like this show... so I'm going to stop writing. Yes, it's too hard to gamble online, watch TV and blog all at the same time. Even for an Online Casino God like me :O)

Later gater.