Sunday, April 13, 2008

Playing 1-2 No Limit Texas Holdem @ BoDog

Yeah, I like playing poker online every now and then. And I love BoDog, so it makes perfect sense that I play there.

I think that 1-2 is a tough game online, a lot tougher than it is live at the tables in Atlantic City. Obviously online the action is much faster and I have to think that the players are much better too. In Atlantic City, you can find a lot of people that just walk into the poker room, have played a few times before, but aren't really good. I think it's a lot harder to find that playing Texas Holdem online.

I would say that most online texas holdem players (at least at the 1-2 no limit level) have read a book or two about poker and play fairly regularly. Now I think the play at BoDog is easier than some of the other online poker rooms, and this is one reason why I love playing here.

I'm also very loyal to this online sportsbook, poker room and casino. Many offshore casinos have closed up over the years, and taken my money and others along with them. But BoDog has been around for a very longtime, and their operation is so huge, and they are so well branded that I don't think they will ever close shop. They have already fought the US on several fronts, and they will continue to do so when it comes to regulating online gambling...

If you don;t have an account at BoDog, you should open one today... And I just busted out... Damn too much writing not enough playing...