Monday, April 7, 2008

The March Madness Championship...

is only 2 hours away! Kansas vs Memphis, and my money is on Memphis -2 over Kansas at BoDog. The over/under on this game is set at 148.

I love betting the big game. I don't really follow sports enough to bet say baseball. That sport has something like 15 games a day, and you really have to follow almost every team and every pitcher to be able to pick winners through out the regular season. But during the playoffs, all the games are televised and the number of teams are smaller, so it's a little easier to bet. You only have a few chooses, you can watch the game, and it actually makes sports more fun.

Take tonight's March Madness game for instance. I don't live anywhere near Kansas or Memphis. I have never been to either location, and I don't know anyone who went to either of these schools. Add that to the fact that basketball is one of my least favorite sports, and I really should gave a damn about this game.

BUT give me a line and let me bet this game, and now I actually care. I'll watch them game, be able to talk about it tomorrow with friends, or maybe even go out for it and have a team to root for. Even more so, I'll care the whole game. I won't turn it off early to go to bed. If tired I'll actually stay up to watch the last seconds because that enjoyment is what betting on sports is all about.

So good luck tonight and GO MEMPHIS!